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KWC Vision and Mission

Right Philosophy, Right Knowledge, Right Conduct

Right Philosophy (सम्यग्दर्शन), Right Knowledge (सम्यग्ज्ञान), Right Conduct (सम्यग्चारित्र्य) are the three basic principles of Jain Philosophy. The Principle of education is to bring about all round development of the students personality and to offer to the nation sensible, intelligent and cultured citizens. Latthe Education Society had adopted the motto of Right Philosophy, Right Knowledge, and Right Conducts to carry forward the holy mission propagating education. The Institution firmly believes that students raised by it must be endowed with knowlwdge, good faith and moral character.

Right Philosophy means true faith-empirical. This Institution visualizes to bring up student who are free from superstition, who have scientific attitude and who have firm faith in such eternal values as truth, non-violence, equality, fraternity and love.

Right Knowledge means true knowledge, which uplifts the whole society, nation and mankind. It is that kind of knowledge which brings about not only material progress but also moral and spiritual advancement. It is that kind of knowlwdge which gives enrichment and fulfillment of life, which transforms passion into compassion to find expression in creative work. This Society aims at bringing up students who have drunk deep at the fount of knowledge and who are both thoughtful and intelligent.

Right Conduct means true character, sublime character. It is citizen's hight moral character that shapes future of a nation. Knowlwdge gained through experience and observation foster real character. The aim of this educational society is to bring up the students of sublime character. Latthe Education Society has been entirely dedicating itself to raising students who are informed, sensible and righteous.


To be recognized as frontline institution and act as catalyst in providing quality education, keeping in view of changing global perspective and the human resource need of the society.

The vision of the institution is to provide higher education to the rural students at a low and affordable cost, not compromising with the quality parameters of national education program and to inculcate committedness and social responsibilities among the students

Our Mission

To impart Quality education to the students coming from rural parts and to conduct different curricular & Co-curricular activities to enhance the academic as well as extension activities.

Our institute is Jain minority Institute catering higher education to the masses. Quality enhancement & skill development of the students through co-curricular activities is our mission

Goals and Objectives of the Institution

  • To contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of society.
  • To impart qualitative and valuable services in the field of higher education to the students of Sangli city and near villages.
  • To abolish the superstitious attitude and to develop scientific attitude in the students.
  • To provide job and skill oriented education.
  • To develop the all-round personality of the students.
  • To provide higher educational facilities to economically and socially backward students.
  • To develop innovative and research attitude in the students as well as teachers.
  • To provide guidance for ‘Career Development’
  • To create responsible and respectable citizens.