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Basic Scientific Research Developement of Science Department Made out of BSR grants 40 Lakhs

  1. The Scientific Laboratories of Physics, Chemistry,Maths, Botany, Zoology, Electronics, Microbiology & Stat are upgraded to the level of conducting Research work.
  2. The purchase of important instruments like Atomic Absorption, Spectrophotometer, Gel Documentation, UV-Spectrophotometer, PCR, Research Microscope, Research Photographic units, GEL Electrophoresis, Steriomicroscope, Flurocent Microscope, Laminar Flow, Conductivity meters, pH meters, CRO's, BOD, Digital Ovan, Incubators, Advance Microtome, MAT LAB, SPSS and required softwares was possible because of BSR scheme.
  3. Due to improved facilities in Science Departments 18 Assistant and Associate Professor's are carring the Research work for their Ph.D. course.
  4. Due to advance instrumentation we have developed a "Kasturi Agro Tech" Lab facility which provides the services to 750 farmers for seed, soil, water and Tissue testing.We have obtained the "AGMARK" certification Licence from Central Govt. for testing Oil and spices which provides the services to the industries under extention activity.
  5. Throug this "Kasturi Agro Tech Lab" we are giving job training to the chemistry, Botany and Biotechnology B.Sc.III students for seed, Soil, water and tissue testing.
  6. Twenty four teachers are engaged in Research Projects (Minor and as well as Major).
  7. Due to these facilities majority of the B.Sc.III (All subjects including Biotech) 200 students can undertake the project work.
  8. Due to this infrastructural developement we are giving the training to 40 students for testing seed, soil and water which enable them to find the job at respective industries.
  9. To Motivate the talented youth to take up research as a personal undertaking, the college is introducing "Inspire" camp for 150 students under DST, Govt. of India from 1st August to 5th August 2012. The objective of the workshop "Inspire" is to provide an insight in to the skill of observation and exploration that are the key factors in a scientific thinking process.