Participation Of College In Sports Events

Our college takes part in every game conducted by Shivaji University. Every year our teams & players perform very well. In team games like kho-kho, kabaddi,table-tennis,volley-ball, cricket, soft ball, hand-ball, shooting ball, hockey etc.& in individual games like weight lifting, best physique, chess, taekwondo, athletics, cross country, riffle shooting, archery, gymnastics, boxing,fencing etc. Players who perform best achieve jobs in various facualties such as police department, Indian defense, railways etc. fields.

Participation & Achievements of our players

Sr. No. Particulars 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 No. of Participants 151 201 200 153 153 194
2 No. Of Succesful Participants in zonal tournaments 62 75 121 59 53 78
2 No. of Succesful Participants in Inter-zonal tournaments 29 44 47 28 35 76
2 No. of Selected players in various teams Shivaji University 17 15 17 18 15 21
2 No. of Medal winners in All India Inter University Tournaments 3 - - 5 3 3


One Players Performed well in Zonal & Inter zonal Competitions . Therefor they represented Shivaji University in All India Inter University matiches Every year our College organize few games of zonal Inter zonal Competitions of Shivaji University. So big Achievement of last five years in All India Inter University Tournaments.


  1. Shri. Youraj Prakash Jadhav - Gold Medal in Kho-Kho
  2. Miss. Meera Parshuram Fakade - Gold Medal in Weight-lifting.
  3. Miss. Madhuri Bajrang Ghadage - Team Bronze Medal in Cross Country.


  1. Shri. Deepak Suresh Mane – Gold Medal in Kho-Kho
  2. Shri. Raju Atmaram Hakke - Gold Medal in Kho-Kho
  3. Shri. Ramesh Bhivaji Sawant - Gold Medal in Kho-Kho
  4. Shri. Shubham Parshuram Fakade – Silver Medal in Weight-lifting.
  5. Shri.Mahendra Shital Kandera - Silver Medal in Weight-lifting.


  1. Shri. Deepak Suresh Mane – Silver Medal in Kho-Kho
  2. Shri. Raju Atmaram Hakke - Silver Medal in Kho-Kho
  3. Shri. Shridhar Arun Desai - Silver Medal in Kho-Kho


  1. Shri. Raju Atmaram Hakke – Bronze Medal in Kho-Kho
  2. Shri. Shridhar Arun Desai - Bronze Medal in Kho-Kho
  3. Shri. Suraj Shital Lande - Bronze Medal in Kho-Kho


Our college provides every single sports material to the players required. Players get the proper kit of their games from our college. Like, cricket kit, taekwondo kit, running shoes, spikes etc. our college provides diet to the players during their practice sessions conducted by our college.

During zonal & inter zonal tournaments, players get their actual T.A.,D.A. as per the Shivaji University rule. Players who are selected for Shivaji University’s combined practice camp college gifts every player 500 rupees(pocket money) as Incentives. If any player’s financial condition is not good then college provides extra bit for him. Players who represent Inter university tournaments for particular games are felicitated by giving a momento, track-suit& a sports bag from our college. The winners of zonal&inter-zonal tournaments also are felicitated by giving momento & sports bag from our college. Players achieve place at All India inter University Tournaments are felicitated by giving track-suit, sports bag, momento & cash Price also.

In Admissions period there in only 3% sports quota available but most players who are good in their game. College gives them admission by observing their skills .And individually skills are observed by director of sports department.

Sports Ground Availability

In our gymkhana hall games like Badminton, Judo, Carrom, Table tennis, Wrestling, Boxing, Taekwondo, Chess, Yoga, Fencing, Weight-lifting, Gymnastics etc. are practiced. On campus ground courts are available for various games such as Basketball,Shooting ball,Handball, kho-kho, kabaddi, volley ball ,Softball,Baseball,& some athletics events. Our college runs cricket academy at Neminathnagar Sangli. Our cricket player use this academy for practice. For games like, Foot ball, Athletics, Hockey, Soft ball Shivaji stadium is available to our college which is near to our college.

For Swimming & Diving our players practices in rotary tank & District sports complex Swimming tank. Their fees are provided by our college. For Rowing practice krishna river is available to our players which is not so far. Riffle shooting, Archery & Gymnastics players practices in Shantiniketan sports complex. For the fitness of our players there is a special gym, available in our college which is in gymkhana hall. The players of best physique & weight lifters practice their in our gym. All these Facilities provided by college lead to develop the players performance & helps to achieve his goal and be successful in his future courier.

Sports Alumni

Sr. No. Name of Student Name of The Game Details about Employment Name/Address
1 Amol Rasiklal Chavan Taekwondo PSI Kulaba Mumbai
2 Bhima Yallappa Mulake Taekwondo Martin English School Sangli
3 Prandnya Sadashiv Dhere Taekwondo Ghodawat English School Atigre
4 Sunita Shantappa Patil Athletics Police Department Sangli
5 Suraj Raju Bhosale Athletics Police Department Mumbai
6 Santosh Vijay Mali Athletics Police Department Sangli
7 Shridevi Vinodkumar Basapuri Hockey Forest Department Karad
8 Shital Raju Jimage Hockey Excise Department Shirol
9 Pallavi Annappa Dodmani Hockey Forest Department Sangli Vita
10 Sunil Subhash Pawar Athletics Forest Department Sangli Tasgaon
11 Mangal Subhash Pawar Athletics Forest Department Sangli Jath
12 Pritam Baban Kamble Athletics Forest Department Satara
13 Shahaji Dasharath Thavre Athletics Forest Department Karad Sagareshwar
14 Chitamani Mohan Shinde Rowing Samsung seles Ashta
15 Pritam Prakash Patil Rowing Bajaj Finance Sangli
16 Dipali Hanmant Salunkhe Cricket R.R.Patil College Savlaj
17 Najiya Babaso Samlewale Gymnstics Smt. R.N.P.Kanya Maha. Sangli
18 Parvati Laxman Sargar Athletics Forest Department Satara Patan
19 Aditraj vSubhash Ghorpade Fencing Lokmat New Paper Sports Reporter Sangli
20 Meera Parshuram Fakade Weight Lifting Central Railway Mumbai
21 Vinayak Eknath Suttar Athletics Police Department Sangli
22 Laisa Mahamad Lagiwale Basket ball Police Department Sangli
23 Aprna Annasab Patil Table tennis A.B.Patil English school Sangli
24 Bhagyashri Babasaheb Patil - Potdar English school Sangli
25 Sohel Musa Sayyad Athletics Police Department Mumbai
26 Balu Kamlya Bhagat Athletics Police Department Thane
27 Rajshri Gajanan Mane Athletics Forest Department Sangli Kavathe Mankal

Sports Incharge

Sports Incharge -Mr. Harshkumar A. Pachore Mr. Harshkumar A. PachoreEmail : hapachore@kwcsangli.inharshkumarpachore1@gmail.comContact : 9881460378
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