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About Library

Our College library play important role in educational process of the instiitutation. Library is valuable resources for students, staff, researchers etc. The library has build a valuable collection of 81000 books (including Junior, senior, P.G. library, Shivaji University P.G. Library) 1200 bounds volume, current subscription to journals 109, 15 news paper (Marathi & English) 816 CDs. We have subscribed membership of N-LIST. Inflibnet with the facility of 31,00,000 + e-books & 6000 + e-journals.

The library spread over 9000 sq. ft. with stack room, reading room, internet, reference section periodical section & Shivaji University P.G. library. There is separate departmental library for B.C.S. & Biotechnology Department. Our college provide the education from junior college to P.G. with more than 21 departments. Collection development of library is done according to the need & demand of various departments.

Library Timing

Monday to Saturday : - 08.00 A.M. to 06.00 PM.
Reading Room : - 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.
+ 07.00 PM to 07:00 PM (during January to May Every Year)

Library Resources

The Library has over the years built a valuable collection of

  • Books :
    • Junior College Books : 8154
    • Sr. & P.G. Books : 63811
    • Shivaji University P.G. Library Center : 9200
  • Print Periodicals : 109
  • Bound Volume : 1200
  • CD's Collection : 816
  • On line resources :
    • 31,00,000+ e-books and 6000+e-journals with the membership of N-LIST programme of Inflibnet
  • We have important collection of the Late Diwanbahadur Annasaheb Latthe correspondence
  • We have special collection of books on Jainism

Library Committee

As per the guidelines of Shivaji University, Kolhapur & Maharashatra University Act. 2016. We have library committee including Principal as Chairman , Librarian as Secretary, 3 To 5 factulty members & two student representative as invites.
The committee decided about the policy matter, budget, library problems, library rules & services etc. The committee members are nominated every year.

Library Committee 2017-18

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. V. B. Kodag Chairman
2 Shri. S. R. Patil Secretory
3 Prof. S. K. Rathod Member
4 Dr. P. N. Gore Member
5 Dr. A. S. Bhilwade Member
6 Dr. B. A. Sajane Member
7 Dr. S. A. Patil Member
8 Miss. R. M. Hatkangale Member
9 Prof. P. S. Arage Member
10 Shri. R. L. Shingade (M.A. II) Stu. Rep.
11 Miss. R. M. Giri (Bsc. II) Stu. Rep.

Library Services

We provide following library services

  • Circulation
  • Reference and information
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Reading room
  • Book Bank
  • Internet facility
  • Readers Club
  • Book donation Scheme
  • Center of Shivaji University P.G.library
  • Career Acadamy competitive exam


We used info-Sawant library management software for the computerization of Library. The data feeding of library resources is complited. The facility of OPAC, e notices, new arrivals etc. is available in the digital format on OPAC. The barcoding work of books and members is in progress and shortly we provide facility of computerized circulation. We provide 20 computers with broadband connection in the internet section of the library. The facility of digital library with Nlist in inflibnet and various free open source websites for ebooks and ejournals are provided in the library.


College library members include all teaching staff, students & administrative staff. sister institution staff, other colleges staff and management members. The library fee and deposite for students is as per university guidelines. The rules are framed with relation to membership, circulation and other services. These rules are framed to help and promote library resources and services. Rules are displayed on notice board time to time.

Notice About
  • Library Timing
  • About Membership
  • About Circulation
  • Issue and Return
  • Borrowing Previleges
  • Inter library loan
  • Reading Room facility
  • About book bank

User Orientation

Every year library orientation is organized for new comers providing the orientation about the library resources, facility, library services and database etc.

Contact Us

  • For Users orientation-
  • Online database-
  • Reference services-
  • Reading material-
  • Circulation
  • For any library information and complaints - Mr. S. R. Patil Asstt. Librarion 9730482727

Library Staff - 2017-2018

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri. S. R. Patil Asstt. Librarian
2 Shri. R. M. Kadam Library Attendent
3 Shri. M. D. Borgave Library Attendent
4 Shri. V. B. Varale Library Attendent
5 Shri. R. B. Shinde Library Attendent
6 Shri. A. D. Sarde Library Attendent
7 Shri. K.B. Suryawanshi Library Attendent
8 Shri. R. J. Patil Library Attendent

Contract Bases

Sr. No. Name Designation
9 Shri. D. A. Awadhut Incharge of B.C.S. & Biotech. Dept. Library
10 Miss. M. B. Kalmade Shivaji University P. G. Library
11 Miss. S. V. Suryawanshi Library Clerk
12 Smt. A. B. Mule Library Clerk

Assistant Librarian

Library Incharge -Mr. S. R. Patil Mr. S. R. PatilEmail : patilsuresh18464@gmail.comContact : 9730482727