Departmental Research Projects

Sr. No.Name of Principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount / Fund SanctionedName of Funding AgencyYear of Sanction
1Mr. Angadi S. M.2009-2011Hydrobiological Studies of Krishna….1,10,000/-UGC2009-11
2Dr. Nikalje S.B.2010-2012Study of Fresh Water Sponges……..1,50,000/-UGC2010-12
3Mr. Patil S.A.2009-2011Study of Butteflies & Moths…..80,000/-UGC2009-11
4Miss. Pachapurkar S. M.2013-2015Study of Effect of Bauhunia variegate….1,65,000/-UGC2013-15
5Dr. Miss. Deshmane J.S.2013-2014“Survey, Identification and conservation of millipedes….”70,000/-UGC2013-14