Department of Zoology

Oldest Dept. in Sangli District. It was opened in 1966 by Late Prof. S. B. Kabade, former first Head of the Dept. of Zoology. He also worked as Principal of this college from 1975 to 1981.


To impart the knowledge is the basic aim of education. The students are expected to acquire the knowledge of animal science, natural phenomenon, manipulation of nature & environment by man.
Understanding the scientific terms, concepts, phenomenon & their inter relationships.
Applications of knowledge.
To develop skills in practical work, experiments & laboratory materials, instruments.
To develop interest in the subject & scientific hobbies.
To develop scientific attitude which is the major objective? This makes the students open minded, critical observations, curiosity, thinking etc.
Abilities to apply scientific methods, collection of scientific data, problem solving, organize science exhibition, clubs etc.
Appreciation of the subject, contribution of scientists, scientific methods, scientific programs etc.

List of M.Phil. /Ph.D. Guides

Sr. No.NameM.Phil / PhD guide
1Dr. Nikalje S. B.M. Phil & Ph. D


Sr. No.Student NamePassing Year
1Patil Tejas S.Ph. D.