Political Science


Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Sr. No.Academic YearClassNo. of Candidates AppearedNo. of Candidates with DistinctionNo. of Candidates with First ClassNo. of Candidates with Pass ClassNo. of Candidates FailResult (%)
12016-17B.A.III SEM V4171813392.68
22016-17B.A.III SEM VI4172011295.12
32015-16B.A.III SEM V3461313294.71
42015-16B.A.III SEM VI3481411197.35
52014-15B.A.III SEM V2411110291.67
62014-15B.A.III SEM VI2523212992.00
72013-14B.A.III SEM V3981612392.23
82013-14B.A.III SEM VI3961910197.74
92012-13B.A.III SEM V303913583.33
102012-13B.A.III SEM VI3041111486.67