Political Science

Department of Political Science

Political Science Department was established in 1963 and in 1980 it has started Post Graduate Courses. It has been remained one of the significant study centres of Political Science in the jurisdiction of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. It always shows a positive attitude in organizing study events for the students and teachers to make them aware with the new changes happening in the discipline of Political Science and Public Administration. Through the rigorous teaching of the prescribed syllabus, department has always taken the innovative initiations in generating the interests of the young generation in the active politics. The department has been undertaking constant efforts to address the lacuna of the Political Leadership in the rural and urban Local Self Bodies. The prominent faculty of the Department has also undertaken the research work in the local politics that have guided the political leaders of the district.


To impart training in Political Science to the students to achieve academic excellence and participate in the processes of Parliamentary Democracy.

To create awareness about the Indian Constitution among the students.

To undertake teaching and research activities to make them aware with the Political theories and its use in understanding the local to international politics.

To train the students in Public Administration in order to understand the actual implications of Political Policies through the channels of bureaucracy.

To aware students about human rights.