Departmental SWOC Analysis


Qualified and highly credentialed faculty and staff
Good diversity in experiences
New faculty active in research, publications and grants
Novel collaboration with other institutes
Good equipments in laboratories and other facilities
Excellent support from the senior administration
Equal emphasis both on theory and experiment
Acceptance of our students at national and international levels
Goods results at UG and PG level


Little or limited financial support for majors - scholarships or stipends
Limited Number of full time teaching staff
Need to develop full fledged M.Sc. lab
More number students in the classrooms
Propose to start research lab in physics


Increase awareness for physics as an integral part of future education
Creation of a vibrant academic atmosphere in the department with the help of reputed and experienced teachers.
To prepare our students for IIT, Central universities, SET, NET, GATE etc.
To orient students for basic research in the subject.


To maintain the academic standard of the department in spite of the weaknesses mentioned earlier.
To increase high scientific temper among students.
To link the curricula and teaching learning process with need of industries.
Motivating students to take a projects for the better experimental research.
Motivating students to take jobs in industry, defense research laboratories, MPSC, UPSC and academic institutes.