Departmental Research Projects

Sr. No.Name of Principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount / Fund SanctionedName of Funding AgencyYear of Sanction
1Dr. N. M. Burange2010-2013Synthesis, structural, electrical and magnetic properties of y (Nio-8xCo02CdxFe204)+(1-y)BalxSrxTio3 Ferriteferroelectric Me Composites977800UGC2010
2Dr. N. M. Burange2005-2007Studies on Physics Properties of Ferrite-Ferroelectric Composites70000UGC2005
3Dr. D. J. Shetti2016-2019Ionospheric Studies Using IRNSS Receivers and Comparison with Other GNSS1692000ISRO2016
4Dr. D. J. Shetti2011-2014Studies on the dynamics of the upper atmosphere over low latitude by Global Positioning System(GPS) data”120000ISRO2011
5Dr. D. J. Shetti2011-2013Total Electron Content (TEC) Measurement with Global Positioning System (GPS) and its Application in Navigation System and Earthquake Prediction Studies”330000DRDO2011