Papers Published

Sr. No.NameTypeYear / DatePaper NameISBN No.Impact Factorh Index
1Mr. U. T. PawarTeacher2016Dye Sensitised Solar Cell Based on hydrothermally grown TiO2 nanostars over nanorods 42 (2016) 80380272-88422.9862
2Mr. U. T. PawarTeacher2015Photoelecrochemical Solar Cell Based on Surfactant Mediated Rutile TiO2 nanorods’ 26 (2015) 25950957-45222.0192
3Dr. D.J.ShettiTeacher2015Geographical analysis of equatorial plasma bubbles by GPS and nightglow measurements0273-11771.4011
4Dr. M. M. TonapeTeacher2016Performance of MOV-Protected Three Phase Series Compensated Transmitted Line (ID-1454313760)2394-36962.77-
5Dr. M. M. TonapeTeacher1993“Electro deposition of Y-based Alloyed films from DMSO bath” 31 (1993) 350.0272-88422.6-
6Dr. M. M. TonapeTeacher1993“Y-Ba-CuO Superconducting Wires via Electro deposition process” 18 (1993) 79.---
7Dr. M. M. TonapeTeacher1993“Pasteurization of Y-Ba-CuO Superconducting coils” 18 (1993) 102---
8Dr. M. M. TonapeTeacher1993“Pulse Electro deposition of Y-Ba-Cu Alloyed films from aqueous bath” 35(1993) 86.---