Physical Education

Departmental SWOC Analysis


Enrollment of student is good.

Faculty members are well qualified.

Availability of well-equipped gymkhana.

Sports and games books reference facility.


Lack of space for the development of different sports ground.

Lack of space for development of track.

Lack of third year of physical education.

Lack of joint inter-disciplinary research projects.

No Minor and Major research projects


To promote research in the field of physical education.

To create indoor facilities for sportsmen.

To develop indoor gym for boys and girls separately.

To run yoga practice for students and community.


To organize National seminar /conference/workshop on physical education and sports.

To motivate students, parents and society towards physical education and sports for overall development.

To develop the sports culture in college that every student participate in sports.

To create healthy atmosphere for the participation of girl students in physical activities.