Department of Hindi

In June 1960, the Hindi department was started at Sangli college of Arts, Science and Commerce. At that time the department was at Sangli High school and it was connected with Pune University Shri. A.R.Kulkarni (PhD) from Banaras University was first lecturer in the department .In June 1960 Shri.Neminath Gunde joined him. In 1961-62- Hindi subject was started for B.A.I, B.Sc. I and B.Com I. In 1962-63- B.A.II (Hindi) was started as subordinate level. In 1963-64- Dr. R.V.Chitnis came from Ratnagiri in the department as lecturer. In 1964-65- B.A.III (Hindi Special) started. At that time Dr.R.V.Chitnis and Shri. Neminath Gunde were teaching Hindi subject. 1964-65 - Prof.G.R. Kulkarni joined the department. 1969-70- Dr. R.V. Chitnis was principal of the college and in 1970 Shri Neminath Gunde sir was H.O.D., Vice principal and life member. The department was smoothly handled by Prof. Gunde, Kulkarni, Kadlaskar and B.A. Patil . In 1975 Shri. Neminath Gunde was Chairman of P. G. Centre from 1972 - 1975. 1980-1985 - Shri. Neminath Gunde was selected as chairman of Board of Studies. In 1988 - Shri Neminath Gunde transferred to Night College as principal and Shri. Kadlaskar was appointed as H.O.D. 1988-1993- He was selected as chairman for B.O.S. for Maharashtra Rajya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 10th and 12th Std. In 1965 - Shivaji University Hindi Pradhyapak Parishad was started. In 1990-1995- Gunde Sir was treasurer of Maharashtra Rajya Hindi Pradhyapak Parishad. In 1995 - He was also treasurer of Dakshin Bharat Hindi Pradhyapak Parishad department. In 1995-1998 - Shri.B.A.Patil , was H.O.D. of Hindi department and Principal of K.W.C. In 1996 Mrs. J.S.Pailwan joined the department and appointed as H.O.D. in 2008 and Vice principal in the year 2011. Gold Medalist Mrs. V.M.Kulkarni, Dr.Mrs. J.M.Desai and Dr. R.L. Govande worked and co-operated the department. Now Dr. Jayashri Pailwan and Dr. P.N.Chougule are working and teaching Hindi in K.W.C. College, because of strong foundation, the status of Hindi Department is well and good.


To enrich the student communication skills.

Organize special guest lectures, workshops, seminars & promotes every year for students academic progression.