Papers Published

Sr. No.NameTypeYear / DatePaper NameISBN No.Impact Factorh Index
1Mrs. R.K. HardikarTeacher2012Status of the Rural Colleges in Higher Education978-93-5087-794-4--
2Mrs. R. K. HaedikarTeacher2015Image of New Woman978-93-82028-62-8--
3Mrs. R. K. HardikarTeacher2015Autobiographies as Layers of Identity and Resistance13 978-81-923438-1-5--
4Mrs. R. K. HardikarTeacher2015Problems in Translation978-81- 926341-3-5--
5Smt. V. D. GatTeacher2012Jain Samyak Mudra, T.C. College, Baramati978-93-81249-06-2--
6Smt. V. D. GatTeacher2015Marital Relationship in That Long Silence13 978-81-923438-1-5--
7Mrs. R. K. HardikarTeacher2016The Comic Mode in the Short Stories of Khushwant Singh.2278-9308--
8Smt. V. D. GatTeacher2015Marital Relationship in That Long SilenceISBN 13 978-81-923438-1-5, 2015--
9Smt. V. D. GatTeacher2015Feminie Sensibility in Amrita Pritam’s NovelsISBN: 978-93-82028-62-8. 2015.--
10Smt. V. D. GatTeacher2015Theories of TranslationISBN 978-81-926341-3-5, 2015.--
11Smt. V. D. GatTeacher-A Study of the Origin of SufismISBN . 978-81-92535.8-9-0.--
12Mr. P. N. GoreTeacher-Theorizing Indian Diaspora and Diasporic Experiences in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The NamesakeISSN 0975-8313--
13Mr. P. N. GoreTeacher-Cultural Displacement in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed EarthISBN-978-93-83192-09-0--
14Mr. P. N. GoreTeacher2014Diasporic Sensibility in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland’ISSN 2231-4865--
15Mr. P. N. GoreTeacher-Dislocation, Alienation and Exile:A Diasporic Lens to Anjana Appachana’s Listening NowISBN: 978-93-82028-62-8 .--
16Mr. P. N. GoreTeacher2014Socio-political Unrest and Multiple Identities in Meena Alexander’s Nampally Road---
17Mr. P. N. GoreTeacher2017Cultural Displacement and Assimilation in Kavita Dasvani’s A Girl Named IndieISSN 2349-638X3.025-
18Mr. S. V. BhosaleTeacher2015A Journey of Women from Enslavement to Empowerment in Andre Brink’s PhilidaISSN 2231- 5063, Octo., 2015--
19Mr. S. V. BhosaleTeacher2016A Strain of Microcosmic Realism through Ousman’s Sembenie’s filmsISSN 2230-7850, Jan., 2016--
20Mr. S. V. BhosaleTeacher2016A Study of Inscription of South Asian WritingsISSN 2230-7850, July., 2016--
21Mr. S. V. BhosaleTeacher2016Exquisite Depiction of Romantic Suspense in Mary Stewart’s novels’ISSN 0976-8165, Octo., 2016--
22Mr. S. V. BhosaleTeacher2016Exploring Feminity and Socio- Political Identity Crisis in Naruddin Farah’s novels’ISSN 0976-8165, Dec., 2016--
23Mr. S. V. BhosaleTeacher2016Poetry:The Fervour and the Fret in Indian Classrooms’ ISSN 2347-7784, Octo., 2016ISSN 2347-7784, Octo., 2016--
24Mr. Nitish Shinde, M.Student2017Raising voices of the voiceless in the modern worldISBN 978-93-83871-52-0 Jan., 2017--
25Mr. Nitish Shinde, MStudent2017Mainstreaming multiculturalism in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The NamesakeISBN 978-81-927095-1-2. Feb., 2017--