Papers Published

Sr. No.NameTypeYear / DatePaper NameISBN No.Impact Factorh Index
1S.K. RathodTeacherMar2014Single to Three Phase PLC based external Voltage Control Induction Motor Drive2319-50100.876-
2S.K. RathodTeacher2015Field Programmable Gate Array Based Phase Shift Technique for Three Phase Inverter2320-87912.3-
3Hanamane M. D.Teacher2013Embedded Fuzzy Module for Sugar Industrial Boiler Parameter Control”2231-2307--
4Hanamane M. D.Teacher2013“Fuzzy based co- generation power plant optimization model for sugar industry”0976 – 64725.8896-
5Hanamane M. D.Teacher2014Boiler Drum Parameter Optimization by Fuzzy PID Control Technique(Online): 2249–071X,.2.7*
6Hanamane M. D.Teacher2014Embedded Fuzzy Greenhouse Parameter Control and Central Monitoring System2250-0758,1.045-
7P. A. Kadam, Hanamane M. D.Teacher2014Decision Making Through Fuzzy RelationScience-0250-5347--
8P. M. KadamTeacher2014Hydrothermal synthesis of rutile TiO2 bottle brush for efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsNo.:1388-0764,2.02-
9S. R. PatilTeacher2015Development of precision- Agriculture data acquisition system & Xilinx chipscope pro logic analyzer based monitoringNo. 2277-19560.765-