Computer Science


Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Sr. No.Academic YearClassNo. of Candidates AppearedNo. of Candidates with DistinctionNo. of Candidates with First ClassNo. of Candidates with Pass ClassNo. of Candidates FailResult (%)
12015-16B. Sc. I - SemII46411141763
22015-16B. Sc. II- SemIV201052385
32015-16B. Sc. III - SemVI2281040100
42014-15B. Sc. I - SemII363761949
52014-15B. Sc. II - SemIV295108679
62014-15B. Sc. III - SemVI3615171397
72013-14B. Sc. I - SemII4341225295
82013-14B. Sc. II - SemIV3114610199
92013-14B. Sc. III- SemVI1916300100
102012-13B. Sc. I - SemII3010118199
112012-13B. Sc. II - SemIV2221010100
122012-13B. Sc.III - SemVI2424000100