Papers Published

Sr. No.NameTypeYear / DatePaper NameISBN No.Impact Factorh Index
1R.V.KupwadeTeacher2013Pre and Post Monsoon Monitoring of Ground Water Quality in Region Near Kupwad MIDC, Sangli, Maharashtra.0974-4290, ISSN(Online): 2455-9555--
2R.V.KupwadeTeacher2014Synergetic and efficient extraction study of some lanthanide(III) ions with selected crown ether phase transfer agents and 8-hydroxyquinoline extractants from acidic to organic Media,ISSN: 2320-5407--
3R.V.KupwadeTeacher2015Functionalization of TiO2 nanoparticles and curcumin loading for enhancement of biological activity,ISSN: 0975-5071--
4R.V.KupwadeTeacher2016“Diethylamine-catalyzed environmentally benign synthesis of 1-oxo- hexahydroxanthenes and bis-coumarins at ambient temperature”ISSN: 0922-6168 (Print) 1568-5675 (Online)1.36-
5R.V.KupwadeTeacher2016“A problem solving and environmentally benign approach towards diversity oriented synthesis of novel 2-amino-3-phenyl (or alkyl) sulfonyl-4H-chromenes at ambient temperature.”ISSN(Print): 0974-4290, ISSN(Online): 2455-95555.95-
6R.V.KupwadeTeacher2017Long-term Investigation of Ground Water Quality in Savali Village, Kupwad MIDC, Sangli, Maharashtra.ISSN(Print): 0974-4290, ISSN(Online): 2455-9555--
7R. V. KupwadeTeacher2017Catalyst-free oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides and diethylamine-catalyzed oxidation of sulfides to sulfones using Oxone as an oxidantISSN(Print): 0922-6168 ISSN(Online): 1568-56751.36-
8R.V. KupwadeTeacher2014Diethylamine Dess–Martin periodinane: an efficient catalyst–oxidant combination in a sequential, one pot synthesis of difficult to access 2-amino-3,5- dicarbonitrile-6-sulfanyl pyridines at ambient teISSN: 2046-20693.10-
9S.V.NipaneTeacher2014Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported Silicotungstic Acid for Efficient Conversion of Thiols to Disulfides by Hydrogen PeroxideISSN: 1520-50452.8-
10Dr. S.V.NipaneTeacher2015Graphene-zinc oxide nanorodnanocomposite as photo catalyst for enhancedDegradation of dyes under UV light irradiationISSN: 0272-88422.9-
11Dr. S.V.NipaneTeacher2011Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of pyridoxine by enneamolybdomanganate(IV)ISSN: 1387-70031.6-
12Dr. S.V.NipaneTeacher2016Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticle in CalotropisProcera Flower Extract and its Application for Fe 2 Sensing in Aqueous SolutionISSN: 2321-81695.8-
13V.J.SawantTeacher2016Comparison of drug delivery potentials of surface functionalized cobalt and zinc ferrite nanohybrids for curcumin in to MCF-7 breast cancer cellsISSN: 0304-88532.69-
14V.J.SawantTeacher2015Functionalization of TiO2 nanoparticles and curcumin loading for enhancement of biological activityISSN : 0975-50711.19-
15V.J.SawantTeacher2013PEG encapsulated curcumin conjugated cobalt ferrite core shell nanoassembly for biocompatibility testing and drug deliveryISSN: 0976 – 044X0.67-
16V.J.SawantTeacher2016Encapsulation of curcumin over carbon dot coated TiO2 nanoparticles for pH sensitive enhancement of anticancer and anti psoriatic potentialISSN : 2046-20693.10-