Departmental Research Projects

Sr. No.Name of Principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount / Fund SanctionedName of Funding AgencyYear of Sanction
1Dr. K.S. Patil Principal, (Rtd.)2010-13Conservation of some endangered and vulnerable medicinal plants by traditional & Biotechnology methods form Western Ghats of Maharastra923800UGC2010
2Dr. Khadke S. G.2012-15Identification and isolation of protease inhibiter genes governing resistance to Helicoverpa armigera in induced mutants and wild relatives of Chickpea and Pigeon pea for developing cultivars with re826800UGC2012
3Dr. Mrs. P.M.Chougule (Rtd )2012-15Studies on plant fossils from kamthi formation of maharashtra155516UGC2010
4Prof. Mrs.S.P.Maldar2012-15Ecological Study of some water bodies from Shirala Tahashil Sangli155000UGC2012