Department of Botany

1. The full-fledged department was started and established in 1980 with the incorporation of the subject of botany at B.Sc. Part-III. The department is known for quality education in Shivaji University, Kolhapur with academic reputation. Many of the past students are working in the field of education, research, pharmaceuticals, business management and administration. The number of the teachers in the department is now three. The research laboratory is recognized for M.Phil.and Ph.D. And established MOU with Appasaheb Birnale college of Pharmacy, Sangli ffor Plant identification. The teachers in the department are the distinguished authorities in the subject of botany and in last five year contributed twice for the post of the Principal of the college. Ex-Principal Late Dr. Kuber S. Patil (2005-06) was a versatile teacher with sound knowledge besides a renowned Palaeobotanist and research guide and Ex-Principal Dr. Kumar S. Patil, who retired voluntarily on 30/04/2016. 2.M.D.Wadmare is working as head in 1990. His area specialization is Taxonomy, Anatomy Angiosperm. He has completed a Minor Research Project in the field of taxonomy in relation to conserve ecology and the Major Research Project, the incorporation of the protease inhibitor gene in Chick pea, a pulse crop for the control of most damaging insect pest caused by Helicoverpa armigera as Co- Investigator. He is taxonomic consultant to Appasaheb Birnale College Pharmacy, Sangli. He was workrd with BOS in Botany and Plant Protection and faculty of Science as under Shivaji University, Kolhapur for the term of five years from 2005 to 2010. As a part, he has contributed to university through statutory committees like teacher enquiry, affiliation LICs, VC’s Nominee to the selection committees of teachers and Principal of the various colleges and regular working committees as under BOS and Faculty of science. 3. Mrs. S. P. Maldar has joined the department in the year 2007 and done her M. Phil. in the field of Ecophysiology entitled as, Studies on Ion Regulation In Mangroves. Similarly, she is provisionally registered for Ph.D. with the same aspect in the month of Sept. 2010. At present she is working as Coordinator of Certificate Course in Plant Tissue Culture and Co-Investigator of Major Research Project under Dr. K. S. Patil. 4. Dr. S. G. Khadke has joined the department very recently i,e. in 2009. He acquired his Ph.D. in the field of Genetics and Plant Breeding entitled as, Genetic Improvement of Moth Bean (Vigna aconitifolia) Through Mutation Breeding. He is a person with research attitude scientific temperament and worked successfully for the control of legume pod borer by genetic genetic methods in Pigeon Pea and Chick Pea, a most troublesome insect pest of pulse crop in India as a part of Major Research Project completed in 2016-17. This crop is under trial at ICRISAT. 5. The Principal Dr. Kumar S. Patil (Rtd retired voluntarily on 30/04/2016) was a well known researcher with Cytogetics, Molecular Biology besides teacher in botany and had travelled for International Aroid Society’s conference held at China and France. He was recognized research guide of Shivaji University, Kolhapur and YCMOU, Nashik in the capacity of co-guide. As a part of this, two students were awarded Ph.D. by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Under his able leadership in the field of Cytogentics and Molecular


To develop scientific attitude in the students so as to make them open minded, critical, curious and rational as basic objectives of education,

To impart of knowledge of botanical science among the students,

To develop the analytical skill and practical knowledge by using plant material with the help of field visits, equipments, instruments along with the collection, analysis and interpretation of scientific data obtained in the plant science,

To develop research attitude among the students of botany,

To understand scientific terms, concepts facts, phenomenon and its relationship in the nature in relation to human and humanity,

To develop awareness of conservation of natural resources and protection of environment,

To develop ability for the application of acquired knowledge to improve agriculture and related fields of botany to make the country self-reliant and self-sufficient,

To promote the students to involve in the society to create interest in the society by conducting activities like scientific hobbies, exhibitions etc,

List of M.Phil. /Ph.D. Guides

Sr. No.NameM.Phil / PhD guide
1Dr. Khadke S. G.M.Phil
2Dr. K.S. Patil Principal, (Rtd.)Ph.D.
3Dr. Mrs. P.M.Chougule (Rtd )Ph.D.

List of M. Phil / Ph. D students (ongoing)

Sr. No.Student NameGuide Name
1Miss. Bhilar Aparna VijayDr. Mrs. P. M. Chougule
2Mr. Jadhav Baban TukaramDr. Mrs. P.M.Chougule
3Mrs. Patil Shubhangi PradipDr. Mrs. P.M.Chougule
4Mr. S. S. WadkarDr. K.S. Patil
5Mr. C. C. SheteDr. K.S. Patil


Sr. No.Student NamePassing Year
1Miss. Jayashri GadadeSET-2017
2Miss. Anita MurgundeGATE, SET-2017
3Miss. Madhlika Navghare,GATE, KVPY-2013-14