Department of Ardhamagadhi

Department of Ardhamagadhi was established in the academic year 1962. Best academic record of teachers and meritorious students in last 50 years.


To acquaint the students with the Knowledge of Modern Indian Language of Ardhamagadhi
To make familiar with the pronunciation of Ardhamagadhi words.
Read interesting stories in Ardhamagadhi
Cultivate broad human and cultural outlook through literature read by them

List of M. Phil / Ph. D students (ongoing)

Sr. No.Student NameGuide Name
1Mr. Mahavir Suresh PatilDr. R. T. Patil


Sr. No.Student NamePassing Year
1Mr. Mahavir Suresh PatilNET - 2014
2Miss. Shradha Ravi LunavatNET - 2018