Department Activities

Book Donation Scheme


Library Committee and alumni Association collaborativety started the “Book Donation Scheme” for the development (academic enhancement). The Department of library appealed to donate the books to teachers, students, and parents. The donated books will be made available to the needy students.
Book Donation Scheme committee

1) Dr. V. B. Kodag ( Chairman)
2) Dr. A. S. Bhilavade (Co-ordinator)
3) Dr. Smt. J. S. Pailwan
4) Prof. B. A. Patil
5) Prof. S. K. Rathod
6) Prof. R. M. Hatkanangale
7) Dr. P. N. Gore
8) Dr. S. B. Patil
9) Prof. Mahaveer Patil
10) Dr. Sou. V. V. Kurade
11) Prof. Sou. J. V. Desai
12) Prof. Sou. R. K. Hardikar
13) Dr. Sou. B. A. Sajane
14) Prof. S. A. Patil
15) Prof. Sou. S. A. Hirugade (Pawar)
16) Prof. Sou. P. P. Kinikar
17) Prof. K. B. Kumbhar
18) Shri. S. R. Patil