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Annasaheb Latthe
Late. Annasaheb Latthe
The Latthe Education Society deliberately has selected, 'Ratnatray' as spurring motto.

The motto consists of three dimensions

1. Samyag Darshan 2. Samyag Dnyan 3. Samyag Charitrya


In order to duly honour Late Annasaheb Latthe, in his lifetime itself, Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha had resolved to collect a sum of Rs. 1 lakh as 'Shri Latthe Gourav Nidhi'. Annasaheb Latthe had shouldered multiple responsibilities as Dewan, of Kolhapure State, First finance Minister of Bombay Province, Councilor, Special Organizer, Professor, Editor and Educationist. But unfortunately the cruel destiny snatched him away from us even before the collection of the fund. But his contemporaries decided to get a splendid monument of Latthe and paid him a real tribute. Accordingly an educational institution named as 'Latthe Education Society ' was established on 13th June 1951 and the collected fund was handed over to it for continuation of legacy with the following aims and goals, mentioned in article No. 'A' and 'B' of the constitution of the institution.

A. To established schools, colleges, hostels on the resolved places from time to time and to study Jainism, Jain Literature, Jain Philosophy and Shraman Sanskriti, to make all educational facilities available and thereby inspire and propagate the goals

B. To open various co-operative institutions for the benefit of the members of institution, employees and students and run them successfully. To establish social, economical, industrial, medical, cultural and vocational educational branches and to handle them successfully.To fulfill the above mentioned aims / goals raise necessary funds and undertake vocational projects and business.

The wonderful educational seed planted in 1951 and was cultivated by tireless efforts of Prof. G.K. Patil. Besides this Smt. Kalantre Akka entrusted her three branches ' Gandhi Shishuvihar ', Kasturba Junior College of Education' and ' Primary School and five acres of land of 'Shravikashram' to the society. Gradually this plant began to grow into a tree. In addition to these efforts Shri B. J. Patil (Kinikar) , Shri Balasaheb Khot, Shri Ramgonda Patil, Shri D.B. Patil and Shri Ratnappa Shetti devoted themselves to the expansion of this tree and as a result of these branches of society grew in Karnataka. Besides Late Shri Nemgonda Dada Patil shouldered the honorary Secretaryship for sixteen years and donated his own 150000 Sq. feet of land at Sangli in Vishrambag area. This sacrifice considerably helped the beginning of educational facility for women and the Sanstha began to flourish.

He also started a limestone factory for financial stability of society and the financial material stability was further strengthened in the form of numerous sturdy buildings. In this way the real achievement and enhancement were reached under the proper guidance of late Principal Shri B.A. Chougule. Donations and economic assistance from Kasturbai Walchand Charitable Trust, Walchand Industries Charitable Trust Mumbai, and donation offered by family members of late Narayandas Sarvottamdas Soti in his pious memory and more ever, Smt Rajmatibai Nemgonda Patil's financial assistance sufficiently helped the construction of Sangli College (todays Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College), N.S. Law College and Ganpatrao Arwade College of commerce. Late advocate Keshavraoji Chougule played an important role in bringing prosperity to N.S. Law College.

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